Red Dwarf  -  A Smashing Good British Science Fiction Series!

Many American science fiction lovers have never heard of the wonderful British sci-fi comedy series Red Dwarf. The Red Dwarf is a six mile long spaceship which is five miles tall and four miles wide. The first episode starts off tragically with the entire crew being killed by a radiation leak except for a technician named Dave and his cat Frankenstein who happens to be very pregnant.

Three million years after the radiation accident the onboard computer awakes Dave from stasis into a universe he could have never imagined. Dave Lister discovers he is the last surviving human in the entire universe. Dave is not alone on the ship though. Arnold Judas scares the bejesus out of Dave when he appears out of thin air. Arnold Judas was Daveís boss and roommate on the ship and is now a hologram created by the ship to keep him from going insane. Dave soon discovers another creature named Cat who is the last surviving member of a bipedal feline species which evolved over the previous three million years from Frankensteinís offspring.

Without giving the entire story away, the plot revolves around Daveís desire to return home to Earth. During first series the crew encounters various sci-fi themes such as time distortions, FTL travel, and bizarre species. These and more situations evolve to create an interesting and funny show that grabs you in from the first episode and doesnít let go until the very end.

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The second season sees a new crew member added from a crashed vessel. This new addition to the crew is mechanical life-form rarely seen in season two but becomes a regular part of the crew by season three. Over the next few years we see crew come and go on the good ship Red Dwarf and the drama and comedy stay fresh and interesting throughout the entire nine season series.

Red Dwarf has something for every type of science fiction lover; comedy, action, special effects, drama, and romance. Toward the end of the series we see the Red Dwarf destroyed and reconstructed by nanotechnology only to be threatened again by an alien metal eating virus. The series ended after season nine with Dave never getting back to Earth.

There is some hope of renewing the series in the near future although recent attempts were discouraging because of a lack of available funding. Red Dwarf is well worth your viewing time and deserves a place in your science fiction collection.


Copyright 2007 Peter Kryton Fox